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Abu Hanifa

This mosque in Al-Aadhameyya was built over the shrine of Imam Abu Hanifa (Al-Nu'man bin Thabit Al-Kufi), who gave his name to the Hanafites. He was buried in Al-Khaizuran cemeteries in 767 AD (150 AH), whereupon a small township grew up around the shrine called Mahallat Abi Hanifa and the district became to be known as the district of Abu Hanifa and Al-Aadhameyya.

Three hundred years later, in 1066, the Seljuk Sharaful Mulk Abu Said Al-Khuwarazmi renovated the shrine, built a large dome over it, and built a Hanafite school nearby.The building went into cycles of change, destruction and reconstruction over the centuries, and was renovated by Ottoman Sultans and Walis several times. Nowadays, its huge dome is covered with neat Golden Aluminum plates and it has a clock renown of its accuracy.
Written By Aymen Jawad

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