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Board Members

Aymen Jawad

Co-Founder & Executive Director Iraq Heritage

Aymen is the Co- Founder and Executive Director of Iraq Heritage and Founder and Director of Hamond Projects, which is a leading edge Cost management, Project Management and Development Consultancy business which specialises in delivering client focused, and   Read more


Dr Azzam Alwash

Member of the Board

Born in Kut, Iraq in 1958, Dr. Alwash spent much of his younger years in Nassariya on the fringes of Iraq’s southern Mesopotamian marshlands. His father, Jawad Alwash, in his role as district irrigation manager was one of the first irrigation engineers to gain access to the   Read more


Manhal AL Habbobi

Member of the Board

Manhal Al Habbobi is an Iraqi architect with a B.Sc. (Honors) and a Master degree in Architectural Sciences. Both degrees were awarded with distinctions by the University of Baghdad.   Read more


Hashim Kammoona

Member of the Board

Hashim Kammoona has over 35 years of continous professional experience in Urban Design, Urban Planning, Master Planning, Cities Renewal, Architectural Planning and Design, Project Management, Projects Development, Strategic Planning and   Read more


Akram Ogaily

Member of the Board

Akram Ogaily manages Hill's TCT Group; a 14 senior member team specialized in all fields of projects studies planning, management and engineering, that support global projects on technical, project start-up and compliance related issues. He has more than 35 years of   Read more


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