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Iraq Heritage Charter


The Association

Iraq Heritage is a limited company by guarantee and its registered office is located in the United Kingdom

The Type

Iraq Heritage is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, and non-governmental organization


Iraq Heritage was founded on November 2013 by:
Co-Founder Aymen Jawad Co-Founder Luay al-Khatteeb

Mission Statement

To assist in advancing and protecting heritage sites and monitoring the appropriate development of Iraq's heritage, through the provision of timely reports and studies, the organisation of conferences and the provision of policy advice and services to both, government and non-government entities.
Iraq Heritage will do so in a professional, unbiased and effective manner. Iraq Heritage seeks to become the principal source of authoritative information and policy-making advice on planning, reviving heritage sites, protecting areas that are at risk and presenting the true value of the ancient heritage of Iraq.



• Iraq Heritage exists to help people understand, value, care for and enjoy Iraq's unique heritage.
• To act as a reliable source of Information and research on Iraq heritage affairs, for planning policy-makers in the public and private sectors, and to disseminate information to all those in the public at large who are interested in the conservation of Iraq's heritage.
• Advise government on which parts of our heritage are nationally important so they can be protected by designation (which includes the listing of buildings) and promote the importance of heritage in making places distinctive and valued
• Advise local authorities on managing changes to the most important parts of our heritage.
• Encourage investment in heritage at risk.
• Share our knowledge, skills and expertise by offering training and guidance, giving practical conservation advice and access to our resources.
• Provide grants to maintain and preserve heritage sites.



Rather than focusing exclusively on either the theory or practice of heritage preservation, Iraq Heritage research seeks to merge and integrate both domains by drawing together experts from academia, the construction, planning and archaeology industry, government, the media, and non-governmental organizations. This planning and preservation institute will generate studies and working papers that disseminate up-to-date information and fresh impartial analyses on a wide range of topics such as conservation area policy, planning policy, heritage preservation, planning policy formulation , education curriculum and heritage regulation; all within the specific context of Iraq's unique ancient valuable heritage.

These activities will offer analyses, reports, workshops, seminars and lectures on a wide variety of issues related to the above topics, such as planning, conservation areas, listing buildings, heritage master plan, culture influence and archaeological discoveries. Thus, outstanding scholars and consultants from around the world will have the opportunity to participate and contribute positively to Iraq Heritage programs. Moreover, studies, policy reports, articles, heritage updates, and working papers will regularly be posted on the Iraq Heritage website.



Producing specific and actionable recommendations for the benefit of both of the public and private sectors as well as the legislative branch.
• Publishing papers and research results on heritage and planning related matters relevant to the optimal economic development Iraq’s construction sector.
• Organizing educational seminars and workshops on heritage focusing on preservation, sustainable development and conservation areas -components (society, environment, and economy).
• Organizing periodic conferences covering all aspects of heritage from ancient sites to preserving your home. Awards for outstanding achievements will also be offered at these conferences.
• Developing academic publications/curricula for Iraqi universities and institutes.
• Publish a quarterly magazine containing heritage, monuments and planning papers, articles, and new updates.
• Launch job fairs for graduates and professionals interested in developing skills for Heritage
• Building & strengthening partnership and synergies between the Iraqi heritage relevant entities and the construction companies, Museums, Art institutions, and the private sector



• Gifts & private donations and support (in cash or in kind) from private businesses and individuals
• Grants from multilateral organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations.
• Grants/sponsorships from international companies and institutes
• Other revenue sources may include services such as: Membership fees
• Events fees and sponsorships
• Research and project sponsorships/fees
• Publication sponsorships



The Board of Directors will govern Iraq Heritage for a term of 3 years before calling for an election of a new Board. Qualified nominations will be eligible to participate in the elections of new Board of Directors. The day-to-day running of the organization will be managed by a team of full-time staff, led by an Executive Director, also supported by members of the Advisory Council.



Iraq Heritage brings together people and organizations with interest in Iraqi heritage affairs. This will provide an independent platform where academics, professionals, businesses, government officials, the media, NGOs, politicians, policy-makers, and researchers to interact in an open and professional environment. Acceptance of potential applicants for membership will require the approval of the Membership Committee.



All receivable (in cash or in kind) will be made public in Iraq Heritage Annual Report.
Nomination to the Board of Directors elections and to the Advisory Council is by invitation from the Board.

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