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Heritage Protection Process

The National Heritage List for Iraq

The National Heritage List for England is the only official and up to date database of all nationally designated heritage assets including: Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Protected Wreck Sites, Registered Parks and Gardens, Registered Battlefields, World Heritage Sites, applications for Certificates of Immunity (COIs), current Building Preservation Notices (BPNs). World Heritage Sites are recorded on the List, but these sites are separately inscribed by UNESCO and named on our website as World Heritage List. The tentative list is also mentioned as these may develop and need to be monitored.

Consultation Process For The Heritage List

 The consultation process we use to make our decisions is identified below to make designation more open and transparent. This process allows us to consult the applicant, owner and local planning authority while assessing the application.

How the Process Works

  • When we receive an application we notify the owner and local planning authority of it. The owner and LPA can then inform us of their opinion or any information they might have on the special architectural and historic interest of the building. This will help us with the assessment.
  • Once the research is complete, and possibly a visit to site, to find out more about the proposed candidate for designation a small report is put together and sent to the owner and LPA for their consultation.
  • The initial report sets out the history and background information about the heritage asset suggested for designation, and will form the foundation for our assessment about whether it has special interest.
  • The consultees will be asked to send in their responses within 28 days from the date of the consultation letter. It is important to note that we can only consider comments on the special architectural or historic interest of a building. There is no objection in using a planning consultant as long as the deadline is considered.
  • We will then consider all representations made before finalising our recommendation. Although we will follow this process in the mainstream of cases, if it can be demonstrated that the heritage asset is at great risk of imminent damage or destruction, in this case Iraq Heritage may choose not to notify or consult the owner or local authority and take immediate action.

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