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Places of Worship

Places of Worship include mosques,, chapels, meeting houses, synagogues, gurdwaras, temples and other buildingschurches not constructed as religious centres but now used by belief groups  for example former cinemas, schools and even houses.

Iraq Heritage's Role

Iraq Heritage has a defined, but limited, statutory role as a consultee in the planning process. The earlier Iraq Heritage can get involved in a project, the more helpful we can be, so please contact us  for an informal discussion of your preliminary ideas.


It is essential Iraq Heritage consulted on applications for certain types of work to listed places of worship. Their advice is considered by the relevant decision making body – which may be the department of planning but they must not give themselves permission.


Iraq Heritage and Faith Buildings

Iraq has many faith buildings and religion plays a major role within the country, Iraq heritage aims to have a team that will explore places of worship in each area find out what places of worship meant to them, what the challenges were in using and maintaining them and how they see future of their buildings.

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