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Everybody makes history. We each have our personal heritage. Everyone can have a part in enjoying, understanding and caring for Iraq's shared heritage.
As a nation, we have an ancient tradition of diversity. The heritage of different cultures has been woven into our shared history over hundreds of years, through migration, trade, conquest and alliances. Many of the unique ancient sites in this country can tell fascinating stories of international importance. 

These sites tell of the story of thousands of people and there way of living the experiences they faced this is what has created the heritage that surrounds us and enhances our lives. Just as we have built the world that surrounds us, in many ways, it has built us and the historic environment plays a major part in our sense of identity. We believe that as many people as possible should help to hand on the heritage that matters to them.
People care passionately about their own heritage and their neighbourhood landmarks, streets, parks and houses.

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