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What we do?

Iraq Heritage exists to help people understand, value, care for and enjoy Iraq's unique and ancient heritage. We aim to be best known for looking after the National Heritage Collection of historic sites and monuments and the guardianship of over all the objects and photographs and for them to be secured in our public archive.
We aim to convert some of our heritage sites into national parks so the public and tourist can enjoy the ancient history we have to offer.
We also aim run an extensive events programme throughout the year and provide free educational visits for schools.

But we also:

  • Aim to advise government on which parts of our heritage are nationally important so they can be protected by designation (which includes the listing of buildings) and promote the importance of heritage in making places distinctive and valued.
  • Advise local authorities on managing changes to the most important parts of our heritage.
  • Encourage investment into heritage sites that are at risk.
  • Share our knowledge, skills and expertise by offering training and guidance, giving practical conservation advice and access to our resources.
  • Provide grants so that the heritage sites can be maintained in the correct manner.


Officially known as the Historic Buildings , religious shrines and Monuments Commission for Iraq, we are an executive Non-Departmental Public Body.

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