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Listing and Designation

What is designation?

Designation is the all-encompassing term given to the practices of listing buildings, scheduling monuments, registering parks, gardens, battlefields and shrines, and protecting wreck sites. For example, a listed building is a designated asset. Designation enables us to highlight what is important about an asset and help to ensure that any future changes made to it do not result in the loss of its significance.


Why is it essential to designate?

Designation is a celebration of a building, monument or a site’s significance, which is to ensure that the character of the site is then protected through planning process, this allows sites with such history and charter to be passed on to our future generations. So our legacy can be told for many more years to come.

The Designation Process

Anyone has the right to submit a building, monument, landscape or wreck site for designation. Iraq Heritage investigates and examines the case and puts forward a recommendation.


The Assessment

If an application meets our criteria for designation, the case will be taken forward. Iraq Heritage designation assessment occurs in 3 stages:
Initial Assessment: An primary assessment is carried out based on the evidence provided to determine whether or not the asset will qualify to be of special interest to merit further investigation.
If it qualifies the application will be taken to full assessment, at this point further research and investigation of this site will be carried out, often including a site visit by our surveyors team. This information is compiled and put into an initial report for consultation with the owner, local planning authority, applicant and any other relevant parties.  They will be invited to respond within 21 days after the report is issued.
All the information and representations will then be considered, and Iraq Heritage will produce a final recommendation as to whether to designate or not.

The Decision

Following a recommendation being made and verified internally, a decision is taken on the recommendation. For recommendations involving listing, scheduling or wreck site protection, the final decision is made by the board of executives. For recommendations regarding the registration of parks, gardens and battlefields, the decision is taken by Iraq Heritage planning executive. This applies for recommendations to add, amend or remove an asset from the National Heritage List for Iraq. Everyone who was consulted on the case will receive notification of the decision, and where we are adding an asset to the National heritge list for Iraq we will also notify land registry .

What happened afterwards

Once an asset is on the NHLI, it brings it under the consideration of the planning system which will ensure that careful thought will be taken about its future.

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